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B.A. (CEP)
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
1 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem : I, IIEng.pdf2016-172016Till Date Download
2 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem : I, IIMarathi.pdf2016-172016Till Date Download
3 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem : I,IIEconomics.pdf2016-172016Till Date Download
4 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem : I,IIPol.Sci..pdf2016-172016Till Date Download
5 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem : I,IIHistory.pdf2016-1720162017 Download
6 B.A.S.Y. (CEP) Sem: III,IVEnglish.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
7 B.A.S.Y. (CEP) Sem: III,IVMarathi.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
8 B.A.S.Y. (CEP) Sem: III,IVEconomics.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
9 B.A.S.Y. (CEP) Sem: III,IVPolitical Science.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
10 B.A.S.Y. (CEP) Sem: III,IV .History.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
11 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem: IGeography.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
12 B.A. (CEP) SEM : V, VIEconomics_ B.A. T.Y._ 2018-19.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
13 B.A. (CEP) SEM V, VIPol.Sci._ B.A. T.Y._ 2018-19.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
14 B.A. (CEP) SEM V, VIHistory_ T.Y._ 2018-19.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
15 B.A. (CEP) SEM I, IIMarathi_ B.A. F.Y._2018-19.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
16 B.A. (CEP) SEM I, IIEnglish B.A. F.Y._2018-19_Rewised.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
17 B.A. (CEP) SEM I, IIPol.Sci._ B.A. F.Y._2018-19_Rewised.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
18 B.A. (CEP) SEM I, IIEconomics_ B.A. F.Y._2018-19_Rewised.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
19 B.A. (CEP) SEM I, IIGeography_ B.A. F.Y._2018-19_Rewised.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
20 B.A. (CEP) SEM III, IVMarathi_ B.A. S.Y._2018-19.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
21 B.A. (CEP) SEM III, IVEnglish B.A. S.Y._2018-19_Rewised.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
22 B.A. (CEP) SEM III, IVPol.Sci._ B.A. S.Y._2018-19_Rewised.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
23 B.A. (CEP) SEM III, IVEconomics_ B.A. S.Y._2018-19_Rewised.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
24 B.A. (CEP) SEM III, IVGeography _ B.A. S.Y._ 2018-19.pdf2018-1920182019 Download