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The B.A. (Competitive Examinations Programme – CEP) believes that ‘the sooner the better’ as far as the preparation for MPSC is concerned. Generally, the students start preparing for MPSC after their graduation and thus cannot make effective use of the very vital undergraduate years for laying strong foundation for their MPSC preparation. To overcome this shortcoming, the Academy has carefully designed the Competitive Foundation Course for the under-graduate students who aspire to achieve success in MPSC exam.


Pursuit of excellence in higher education to make our students globally competent with humane values.


Enable students to develop as responsible citizens. Provide value and need based education. Mould minds of students for their continuous personal and professional growth.


Produce graduates capable of independent life long learning. Provide an environment in which staff and students can achieve their full potential. Foster a strong sense of belonging to the institution.

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शिव छ्त्रपती शिक्षण संस्था सुवर्णमोहत्सव (२०१७-२०१८) सांगता समारंभ

Posted Date :1/3/2018

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